Last night I created bagpack , a versatile local package manager.

After developing few websites and being acquainted to a number of package managers like npm and bower , I always wanted to do few things.

  • Install already installed package when offline.

  • package private packages and install it within the local machine.

I am big fan of npm and bower. In fact I worship them day and night. I believe building simple things can make a great impact. So I took my chance to build something that is very simple and will be of good use to me and the community.

bagpack has two core ideas.

  • Versatile — Don’t care what the package is. Just deliver it.

  • Local — No need for Internet connection.

By being versatile , we can deliver anything , from already downloaded bower packages to private libraries. By being local , bagpack will be available when the machine is both offline and online.

Here is a small demo of packaging and delivering the packages via bagpack.

If you are interested in using bagpack for your development workflow , you can install it from npm and if you want to contribute , it is open sourced at github .