This might be a silly and short blog post :D I am writing this to let the world know that I got a new “Jio” SIM card today. I was struggling with poor internet speeds and network problems on Airtel. So, I finally took the plunge to get on the Jio network. I should have done this ages ago.

I was planning to get a Router M2 Black JioFI, but it is out of stock everywhere. So, just got the SIM card and using via mobile.

For people who don’t have context about what Jio is: It is a popular mobile network that changed a lot of things in India. I totally love what Jio is doing to India.

It is one of the first networks to charge only for the mobile data and give calls for free. It is the network that is helping a lot of people in India to get access to the internet. The internet speeds used to crawl and still crawls in many other networks. But Jio is super-fast and very very decent.

When Jio came out first, I didn’t take it much seriously. I wasn’t even as excited as when Videocon introduced a mobile network. In fact, they seemed sketchy for me just after my experience with Videocon (introduce unbelievable plans and charge high after sometime and eventually cease operation - that’s Videocon’s story in short.)

Super speed at dirt cheap prices; not many brands give these. Jio does this awesomely and at scale. How do I know? Almost all the people in my family have Jio ( except for me - not true anymore :D ) I have used their mobile networks via wifi hotspots because my network gave problems and everything it solves problems for me.

Anyways, I felt quiet here and I thought I will just share away this update :D With an upgrade in my internet speed, I just feel like half of my problems are gone :D