Migrated my old blog posts from Medium

Today I spent an hour or so in migrating my old blog posts present at medium.com to this site. Medium gave me a good playground to start blogging. I really appreciate it. But as time passed on, I understood that it is good to have control over our data and host it ourself.

Medium is free to use. I mean, what really is free to use! The price I needed to pay for hosting my content on medium was to accept the big “sign up to medium” wall that they put on all of the blog posts. Also, they encourage content creators to add a paywall to their content, which is fine for people who are looking to monetize their content.

But at least for me, the reason I write these blog post is for fun. So I intend to keep it free by hosting it myself. This is a migration that I wanted to do for a long time, and finally I am able to partially complete it.

Why partially? because there is still some images on this blog, which are hosted on some other sites like medium CDN or Github CDN. That is still remaining.

At least, I was able give my old content it’s real shelter today! (Most of them were from 2017)

Thanks to this amazing project - https://github.com/xdamman/mediumexporter ; that helped me in this migration!

Also, sblog ( https://github.com/scriptnull/sblog ) helped in some level of automation in the process. lol, becoming useful already :D

EDIT: oops, I just missed one point - The reason I did this migation is same as the reason why I would not sign up for https://substack.com/