My blub study syllabus

Few days back, I happened to read this blog post “In defense of blub studies” by Benkuhn (one of my favorite bloggers). It introduced me to a new term called “blub studies”. In case if you are not aware of it, I am going to copy paste a few lines from Ben’s post here.

Blub studies is a never-ending treadmill of engineering know-how. It’s the fiddly technical details of how Git stores data, or how Postgres locking semantics caused your migration to bring down prod, or why pip install failed this time. It’s what goes on inside the boiler rooms of your computer.

To put it simply - it is usually the boring stuff that you get away by googling and arriving at stack overflow. The idea is to learn things that help in day to day task instead of chasing the shiny new thing that got released yesterday on HN. we have underrated blub studies for a long time. I find it more satisfying to learn about them these days because they improve my workflow and speed in getting stuff done.

So, I am listing down my blub study syllabus below.



(To be continued….)