My second conference talk 🎤

In 2021, I managed to give my first-ever conference talk. In 2022, I managed to pull off my second conference talk.

I had the same level of excitement this time too! I feel pretty good about how it turned out to be!

It was a CI/CD conference hosted by buildkite:

I am going to copy paste my talk abstract here (to see if I can get you intrigued :D)

A World Tour of Dynamic Pipelines

This is the story of how the engineering team at Hasura burned down 2000 lines of YAML with the help of dynamic pipelines. The complexity of the CI/CD configuration grew as the team grew, which led the team to rewrite their configuration in a statically-typed programming language–dynamically generating pipelines.

This talk is a practical view into Hasura’s current system and a documentary on the lessons and insights the team gained over the past year.

If that feels like something that you would spend 18 minutes and 45 seconds listening to, you are lucky.

Because my second-ever conference talk is available on YouTube!

~ ~ ~ ~

Hope it was useful!