No more zero days

When I was feeling down and less productive towards the end of 2018, I used to search the web for motivation. In that process I happened to discover one of the golds of the internet.

It is this amazing comment on redit by u/ryans01. (A million thanks to this human)


A little graphic that is linked in that comment to summarize the idea of zero days.

It gave a great momentum - I read books followed by books everynight, practiced a lot of coding, and even got very active on this blog at that time only. The last 2 months of 2018 were very productive. At that time, I was able to crack the interview of one of my dream companies and wrote a very successful blog post that went on to the top of Hackernews (which made me feel good about my writing skills and gave me a little encouragement to blog and speak out more!).

After that, I just went on to being normal. In short, a lot happened. A lot of zero days.

After losing my job, these days I am trying to be productive everyday. But even then, I am hitting zero days. That’s weird! No work, but how did the day turn zero? I am feeling anxious all the time with questions like “Will I get a job that I love?”, “What if I fail an interview at a dream company after applying?” (this is totally making me to not apply in the first place), “What do I learn now?”….

hmmmm, after being stuck like this, I re-opened ryan’s comment once again today morning, just before writing this blog post and re-read it!

Well, it seems like, I just have to forgive my past self and concentrate on having a non-zero day! (a gift for future from the present)