Opening up

Am I an introvert ? I don’t know.

I tried asking this question to my best friend and he replied “You are not an introvert, you are just socially awkward”.

May be.

But the fact that I am willing to accept is, I am not opening up much, at least as far as I did in past.

So, I decide to open a little more about myself. To help people understand few things about me and what I am upto. After all, the tools that I use everyday are open, and why not me ?

More Blog posts

I am really good at typing a lot of things. At least I feel that way. I have written in public before like post-mortem report of why a open source side project server reached 100% CPU, a feature request in an open source editor plugin, and a plan for improving an open source plugin for one of my favourite chat applications(gitter).

That’s a lot of “open”, I mentioned up there. All of them deal with open source software development. The first way I want to open up more is by blogging more on diverse topics. I did lot of experiments which failed miserably in past, lot of ideas that I am not sharing with world, lot of undocumented adventures and everyday happenings.

I will be focusing keen on blogging about my on going experiments, fun things that I learnt, OSS contribution diaries etc.

The main motivation behind this is a speech by Julia Evans where she shares ideas on helping the community around you with blogging and sharing what you learnt.

I hope you enjoy my upcoming posts and learn something out of it. Also, I do need your help in correcting my grammar and punctuations, if I go wrong somewhere.

Public Talks

I watch a lot of programming conference videos like JSConf, GopherCon, Goto Conference, JsFoo etc. ever since 2011. They have given me with great deal of ideas. They bring in controversial views. Sometimes, made me to think, what I skipped thinking about. They inspire me a lot.

That being said, I will try my best to give a public talk on something that I feel irresistible to share with you people out there. This is hard for me to do, not because of the stage fear, but because I want my talks to be very well catered around deep ideas. It takes time to write a talk with deep ideas, because it takes time to think about them at first place.

But I hope, I will eventually arrive at something to speak about.

Ask Me Anything

I am a firm believer of asking as much questions as possible. The only thing to ask yourself before asking questions is “Should I be asking this question to myself or should I be asking it to someone else?”.

Every time I chose to answer that question with “let me ask the question to myself again”, I learned about the question, a bit deeper and gave myself the freedom of inventing/arriving at the answer. Every time I chose to answer that question with “I should be asking it to someone else”, I learned something new from them. Perhaps, a new way to arrive at the answer for a question.

So, I am writing this to say that, I am accepting questions about anything. You can speak with me on Twitter, Telegram or anywhere you can find me on the internet.

More photos on social networks

I don’t know when I stopped taking pictures on my phone. Honestly, my current rate is 4 or 5 photos per month. Wait! what? This is obviously giving me a feel that, I am not recording enough memoirs for me, my family and friends. So, I am going to try to take more photos/videos and share it on instagram, twitter, facebook or whatever other cool kids are using these days.

Documenting myself

I will try to write a small webpage that will contain some basic information about me like my name, some hyperlinks to my online profiles, quotes that inspire me, books I am currently read, wish list of books I want to read, wish list of software projects that I want to be part of ( will include links to source code, github issues, gists etc. ), wish list of videos, i want to watch, wish list of specifications that I want to read. Of course, everything is not going to be just a wish list, its going to be more of a check list.

Started with a simple about me page — ( source: )

Thanks for reading. I quote verses from my favourite Tamil literature “Tirukkuṛaḷ” at the end of my blog posts.

“தூங்குக தூங்கிச் செயற்பால தூங்கற்க

தூங்காது செய்யும் வினை.”

— திருக்குறள்

Translated meaning (in my words): “What needs to be done later, should be done later. But, what needs to be done immediately, should not be deferred.”