Please mind the gap

I haven’t been blogging for a while (2 to 3 months). Oh man, life got so busy during these days. I want to take time to write down something to break that fact that I am not blogging for a while. Let me share some of my life updates.

JFrog acquires Shippable

That’s really nice, which means I am now a JFrog employee (officially joined on April 4 2019). I have been working at Shippable for the past 3 years and it is exciting to see things get to the next level. BTW I get to work with a new machine (a brand new Thinkpad X1C – yayyyy!!), different tools, going to a new office and commuting by different means. owff! It got a while for me to adapt to the change - break a routine that I have been following for 3 long years. Ok so you might be interested in knowing about JFrog from me. I have been here only for 1 month and 8 days exactly, so I will answer that some other time, but for now I feel very good till now. I also want to write about some learnings that I got while being at Shippable, saving it for some other time too.

Namma Metro

I started using namma metro for the new commute and saving time by actually travelling and not waiting in traffic. When I first came to Bangalore I commuted a lot on BMTC buses and then on car pooling and now on metro! Even the title of this blog post comes from the famous saying that is being announced in the train to request the passengers to mind the gap between the doors and the platform in every station. This line rhymes in my mind always when I am in the metro (I mean namma metro - it is the official brand name for it here)


Personal life

There is significant improvement and changes in my personal life too. I don’t feel like sharing much of it as of now. But I just want to tell that it’s going very well.

hmm, nothing much. I hope everything is going good for you too. Hope to read + write more these days! Signing off for now. Bye :wave: