Reading List 2018

Listing down the possible online documents/specifications/RFCs etc. that I wish to read in 2018. Before picking to read any one of the document, it is obvious to check for updates. Because as we know it, the technology (especially the Web) is moving forward at a great speed.

I got to dicover rfc-editor which seems to be a nice place to discover some standards. For example, this link lists all the basic protocols responsible for the internet.


This is already on going for me and I have discussed about it previously in my blog posts.

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The messaging protocol that is powering powerful messaging/queuing softwares like RabbitMQ.

Interesting part is I got to know that there is variation called MQTT-SN available for the following purpose.

MQTT for Sensor Networks is aimed at embedded devices on non-TCP/IP networks, such as Zigbee. MQTT-SN is a publish/subscribe messaging protocol for wireless sensor networks (WSN), with the aim of extending the MQTT protocol beyond the reach of TCP/IP infrastructure for Sensor and Actuator solutions

Woah! that is great. But I would like to stick to MQTT over TCP networks probably.

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The Websocket Protocol

This is powering realtime internet applications. Got introduced to it in and would like to know more about this.

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Web Assmebly

Contains three specs namely Core, JavaScript API, Web API.


Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)

Back to the basics :)

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User Datagram Protocol (UDP)

Will help understand the UDP vs TCP jokes floating around the internet in a much better way :D

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Internet Protocol (IP)

Journey to the core of the internet.

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HTTP 1.1

Not sure which one to read, because there seems to be lot of updates. But I will stick to RFC 2616.

Check Errata for knowing the errors in the protocol and to learn how it was fixed in upcoming standards.

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Contains two parts.


I guess this is enough for now! Enjoy.