X-Men and multiple cursors

I had been using Visual Studio (might be 2012 ultimate edition) for side projects and Notepad in college for writing Java (Because we were not allowed to install anything new on college computers). That’s two extremes!

One night, I came across this editor called Sublime Text, which demonstrated a cool new feature on its website that was not present in both of the extremes I have been working with.

It was the one thing that humanity needed “Multiple Cursors”

Multiple Cursors in VS CodeMultiple Cursors in VS Code

It was a life changer. Editing things in bulk became so easy. I never even had a fantasy of using something like it and it was already a reality.

I was so thrilled to share it with my friends at college and everyone who saw it for the first time, immediately stop me and ask “whooo! What did you just do?”. Every time I use it (even now), I feel like a X-Men mutant, gifted with powers that are impossible to think of.

It’s been a while and I was searching how to use multiple cursors in vim today at work and suddenly realised that the programmer(s) who built this feature just made me feel like I was having super powers.

As a programmer, all I wish for is the same. Make the users of my software feel like they are a X-Men. I hope to strive for it now and ever.