Before starting, I hope that you are staying safe at times like this.

Now let me start.

Yesterday I read a nice article on the web. I found it so nice that I sent it to my sister over an email. (I try to maintain a high quality RSS over mail type of thing going on with my sister in email, haha)

Here is the link to the article - Something small, every day

One thing that I most liked / influenced me highly in that article is this following passage.

What I usually recommend: get up early. Get up early and work for a couple hours on the thing you really care about. When you’re done, go about your day: go to school, go to your job, make your family breakfast, whatever. Your teacher or your boss or your kids can’t take your work away from you, because you already did it. And you know you’ll get to do it tomorrow morning, as long as you make it through today.

“get up EARLY”; I just did and I hope to do it more.

No one can take those hours from you. If you do the things that you care as the first thing of the day, there is no other way than going with your day satisfied. No one can stop you or it can’t be undone.

So, try to start early!