The Imaginary Company

Recently I had been wondering about companies of all sizes. How do they run? What makes them keep running? Scale-up? Scale down? Bootstrap? Raise seed? Raise more? Save more? Spend more? Spend less? Build? Buy? Hire fast? Hiring freeze? Loss? Break-even? Profit? Move fast? Make art?

It feels interesting to think about them these days.

Before moving further: All the things here (and elsewhere in this blog) are very opinionated; take it easy.

So I am planning to write a series of blog posts on “The Imaginary Company”, a company that I would work on starting up or perhaps the one that I wish to work for!

umm, well. It is like a specification, not for software but for starting/running a company.

Regarding the “starting up” part: Don’t take that this is going to happen very seriously. But if you do take it seriously, please note that even though I am lacking in some things like sales, verbal communication etc., I truly believe that it is possible to build and run (the things that I think I know a little of) a unique and super-cool company.

Regarding the “wish to work for” part: Find and speak to me, if you are doing anything like the ones present in these specifications (at least a subset of it). I would love to chat always!

If there is going to be a handbook (spoiler: there will be), these posts are going to be the first few pages of the onboarding.

The index goes here!

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