Friday Night

It is actually a saturday morning. It’s midnight 12:17 as I type. I am writing this post in the spirit of Friday night (Weekend yay!)

First things first. I am building a brand new software on a technology that I didn’t have chance to learn yet.

Dark mode on! Head phones on!

(( Playing “Go Hard or Go Home” ))

I had been working late at office (till 10:10pm friday to be exact). I had Rose Ghulkand Quenchers from Barista and dinner from FreshMenu. After completing work, I waited for Uber Pool price to go down and my mobile phone to be charged.

Some days I just feel like writing some code like I cared about nothing else (mostly fridays). It turns out today is such day (or to be exact “such a night”).

So I went into a meeting room, plugged in my mobile in the charging station and started white boarding the software that I want to build. I had used papers to sketch out apps and things before building before, but this is my first attempt at the white board. It actually felt pretty good.

Ok! here is the snap.

(( Playing “Here We Go” ))

Still waiting :D Google Photos on iPad is taking long time to back up my photos. I should probably backup regularly.


I want to build a desktop app for managing multiple clouds at one place.

Recently, I have been spending a lot of time at work doing some cloud work. (Mostly with AWS and Google Cloud Platform)

All I needed was a simple service that would notify me if I forgot to turn off any cloud resources everyday. The service should be free, secure, and super-visible. I just have hard time trusting a web service to store my AWS tokens with partial/full access. I just don’t want my cloud credentials to be present anywhere other than my file system.

I think the first step would be to aggregate the information from multiple clouds all at once place.

Electron is a good option for building desktop applications. Almost all of the applications that I use today are built on Electron and I have been wanting to learn it for a long time.

Now is the chance :trophy:

It will also be a nice chance to get a nice tour of modern JavaScript. I haven’t been writing any JavaScript with new features lately. So, I will try to do it here.

oh! I forgot to mention till now. I would like to call my app “Megam”. (Meaning: Cloud in Tamil)

After reading the getting started guide and running the code from it, I got a simple Hello world app running.


Read a bunch of Electron docs. It seems pretty fun.

There are still few things to be figured out.

  • Incorporate Angular 6, for which I am planning to use

  • Learning Angular 6 and creating components that the app needs.

  • Creating a logo for the app.

  • Explore various other API provided by Electron and know more about Electron.

Well, it is getting pretty late (around 2:08 AM). I better sleep now.

Let me try to learn Angular tomorrow. After all, this is just a tired friday night (or saturday morning).