Workview Reflection

This document is an exercise from the book named “Designing Your Life: Build the Perfect Career, Step by Step” by Bill Burnett & Dave Evans

My thoughts on work? hmm, let me think.

Damn, this is hard. Mind is so vague and I doubt myself highly to complete this document


Thinking of work, one thing that comes to mind is Empowerment. I think there are lots of qualities that one can expect and experience in a job. But, I believe Empowerment is crucial.

The feeling of being empowered and the feeling of empowering others. This is something that will keep us going and tackle the challenges in job.


Empathy is next. Among the time I spent at work all these days (especially in tech), this is one of the important observations.

Tech needs Empathy. Empathy towards co-workers, customers, managers, and organisation.

It is hard to expect and be empathetic towards all at once. But, well I guess it is worth trying hard to achieve it. It makes life easy for all of us and helps everyone. At times, small act of kindness will go a long way and will mean a lot to someone who received it. It could totally change their life. (Like it did for me)

I guess empathy is something that will empower others and help them during tough times.


I am kind of shy to talk about money in general (Heading makes it obvious). I think there is no need to expect a job to pay huge chunks of cash. But, I believe that people should take up jobs that pay them the money that they think is enough and suitable.

I also heard of something like “If there is a pay cut, would you be still interested in doing the work? If answer is yes, then you are in the right job.” It does not mean, you should work under low pay, but it makes us to think about if the work is more meaningful than the pay.

There is no right answer for how much you should get payed. It differs person to person, job to job, time to time. So, nod your head if you feel satisfied!

Until next time

One of the good things about work is we are learning (consciously or subconsciously) everyday. I am sure that the above mentioned ideas are things I learnt along the way and there is even more to be learnt. So I hope to revise this post if I learn something important.

I believe that the above passages answer the work related questions asked in the book adequately (at least for me).

Bonus: I first wrote this as a private post. But after completing it, I just feel that this should be out there in the open to help me and anybody else who are going through the wicked problem.


“the wicked problem” is a reference from Chapter 1: “Start Where You Are” from the book, which refers to a class of problems that puts people in a situation where their is life is stuck and they are feeling numb to move forward.