Flow anywhere

Recently I started taking yoga classes. This is like the third or fourth time, I am in the same class. So this is more of a retake. In my previous attempts, the classes were continuous and at my place (Erode, Tamil Nadu, India). This time it is the place that I am currently working at (Bangalore, Karnataka, India). The classes are in tamil and the interval between the classes are lengthy (Weekly intervals). So one of the things that is difficult to maintain is dicipline to get up everyday and practice yoga on my own. Everytime I take these classes, I do this for sometime and leave it. This time I am learning the exercises slowly little by little and we were instructed to practice them properly before moving on. I am hoping to do it well!

Right from my school days, I have been exposed to various kinds of yoga. Among all the things I learned, I feel SKY (Simplified Kundalini Yoga) yoga to be the best for me. The thing I like about it is the balance between the physical exercises and the lessons regarding mental wellness. Teachings like “world peace can be achieved by peace within oneself” and many more seem to be valuable for me. Medidation and just hearing + thinking about these ideas are giving good vibrations in me.

Parallely during one of these days, I happen to visit my uncle’s home and I happen to read this amazing quote by the creator of SKY yoga.


It is in Tamil, so I will translate it for you.

“The food you eat can flow only in your body. The thoughts you think can flow anywhere” – Vethathiri Maharishi

Thoughts! They flow anywhere and everywhere. I wish for the will to bend them and maximize good thoughts from within everyone.
I am going to end this blog post like the way we end the yoga sessions.

“Let us be in peace with us. Let peace surround us. Peace, peace, peace.”

Valgha vaiyagam, valgha valamudan.