Going down

It is the end of the year. If you are reading this, I hope that you are doing well or at least hanging in there!

So, how did 2017 go for you?

I am still not sure of how it went for me.

So, what is this post really about?

It’s a counter post for my post earlier this year, which is probably something that I did different this year.
Opening up
Am I an introvert ? I don’t know.medium.com

First thing was attempting to write more blog posts.

I think, I did good in this section. I had the chance to write 3 technical write ups and they are
Understanding AST for building better developer tools
If you had used a full fledged IDE like Visual Studio, Eclipse, Android Studio etc. you may have noticed features like…medium.com

Redis Adventures
Redis is not just a key value store, it’s more than that. I always had this thought and wanted to learn more about it…medium.com

X-Men and multiple cursors
I had been using Visual Studio (might be 2012 ultimate edition) for side projects and Notepad in college for writing…medium.com

And one day, I tried writing a log of a project that I worked on for a game programming competition
It’s the name of the game, I am about to develop now. Time is Sept 10, 2017 7:34 PM IST when I am starting to type this…medium.com

I liked the idea of logging. It made me felt more alive. It also a gave a nice feeling of making a memory of something that I did at some point.

So, I started this blog series (which I personally call the “log book”), where I author a medium post throughout the week, when I get time and note down some interesting things and release it at the end of the week. I was able to continuously log for 11 weeks ( that is 77 days ) Whoa! That’s a huge input for me. Here is the list of all the logs, that I wrote till now,
log 1 = 0
I am planning to maintain a log about various things I do in a week.medium.com

log 2 = 0.3010
This is my second weekly log.medium.com

log 3 = 0.4771
This is my 3rd weekly log. This is going to be a bit different, as I didn’t spend much time on tech related stuff this…medium.com

log 4 = 0.6020
I spent lot of time on relaxation last week. This week, I am positive that I could be more productive and I am planning…medium.com

log 5 = 0.6989
This is my fifth weekly log.medium.com

log 6 = 0.7781
This is my sixth weekly log.medium.com

log 7 = 0.8450
My 7th weekly log.medium.com

log 8 = 0.9030
This is my 8th weekly log.medium.com

log 9 = 0.9542
A boring 9th weekly log.medium.com

log 10 = 1
My 10th weekly logmedium.com

log 11 = 1.0413
This weekly log is a bit different. Because, I am writing the entire post in the last day of the week. Usually, I write…medium.com

It’s a big undertaking. I faced two major problems.

  1. Finding time ( Busy with work, commuting and sleeping )

  2. Had hard time differentiating the private-public event boundary. Is it ok to share this in public? or may be it’s a bad idea.

Unfortunately, I am stopping this!


  • I prefer to write deep ( at least to a level ) summarisation of things. Like the three tech blog posts, I mentioned above.

  • Most of my logs contain some technology/learnings that I came across in that week. I think, tweets and gists are the right tool for this. ( log 11 clearly proved this ). They are simple and modular for sharing information.

Do I regret it?

Definitely not! I am happy that, I made nice little memories for myself.

Am I stopping to blog?

Definitely not! I am stopping to write logs on weekly basis.That’s it! I might still try to log interesting events happening in life like participating in game programming competition, visit to the place where I grew up etc.

Even though the number of blog posts are going down, I wish to provide more thoughtful writings and look forward for writing down more enjoyable writing experience. ( I enjoyed the time, when I explained using MULTI EXEC in redis to implement rate limiting on a worker queue )

I just hope not to go down to zero!

If you are going to miss my weekly logs, don’t worry I got a nice little twitter page setup where I am already kind of active.
Vishnu Bharathi (@scriptnull) | Twitter
The latest Tweets from Vishnu Bharathi (@scriptnull). Software Engineer @BeShippable 🖥️💻⌨️🖱️💾💿🖨️🏸⚽️🛴✈️🚌🛵🚖📺…twitter.com

Other than blog posts, some other things that I mentioned there were

Ask Me Anything — went well, because I was asked no questions :D

Public Talks — Not a chance yet

Documenting myself — went OK, as I was able to commit few things to https://github.com/scriptnull/scriptnull.github.io

More photos on social networks — Well, I was thinking about this deeply. While I was writing it, my original intent was to take more pictures and collect memories. But, I am still not sure of posting it on social networks. So, I am sorry about this part, because I am really a bad photographer ( most of the photos are shaken ) and I really feel satisfied with Google Photos. My photos are not very great and they are comfortable sitting in Google Photos.

We can’t say that I didn’t do it entirely, because I shared some photos on Twitter and in my weekly logs on medium. This attempt definitely increased my sense of taking photograph for recording a right memory.

Back to my opening statement

If you are reading this, I hope that you are doing well or at least hanging in there!
So, how did 2017 go for you?

How did go for me?

I think, I barely hanged in there.

Thanks for reading.

I wish you a productive and happy new year!

“Keep kicking” — Club Coach ( The Kicks S1E02 )