The Beginnings

A few years back (around 2013), when I was still in college I started noticing few people sharing links to very interesting projects in my facebook feed. All the links pointed to this site called I was thrilled to open and read the files every time I get the link to a project.

During those days, the best place to get software was sourceforge. At first, I didn’t quite get what GitHub is. But after I saw a lot of people sharing links to the same website, I dug in deep. It led me to a lot of things like understanding what Open Source Software is, a new way of writing called Markdown etc.

I was very much interested in building real-world software when I was in college and I wanted to somehow learn to use this thing called GitHub and experience “Social Coding”. So, I finally signed up and decided to start off something. I was learning Java during that time and thought of uploading the code that I practiced to GitHub and created this repository called javaConcepts. I even had Twitter hook in Github, which tweets every single commit on that repository (haha, fancy me).

I vividly remember using the Github GUI client for Windows and I used it for a long time and never really preferred the command line git until I got into Linux (where I was forced to). I liked the Github for Windows software. It was white and clean.

Even though I didn’t know a lot of things (like git, java etc.), I kept on going. I wrote code, committed and pushed day by day, without turning back or thinking if someone was watching. I just did it. I don’t know how, but I guess the curiosity and my interest to learn things took me way more forward than any other thing. Coding became one of my passions. I liked it and I still do.